Non-Dairy Creamer Containers Now Accepted by Leduc Bottle Depot

Empty coffee creamers are now part of the Alberta ABCRC recycling system

Accepting Non-Dairy Creamer Containers Prolongs the Viability of Sanitary Landfills

Market experts believe non-dairy coffee creamers are expected to reach a staggering $3.3 Billion in sales by 2017. This is the result of the product having enjoyed annual sales increases of 16% year over year. The sad part of that exponential growth in these tasty coffee additives was that the thick plastic vessels weren't part of the Alberta beverage container recycling program. That all changed on November 1, 2015. All non-dairy creamer containers that bear a best before date after November 1 now qualify for a 10 cent refund per container. This initiative will divert literally tonnes of plastic waste from our landfills and garbage dumps and put money in conscientious beverage container recyclers' pockets.

If you have other containers that you are wondering about, check out our new containers page and see if yours are listed. If you're still unsure, bring it in to our friendly sorting personnel at Leduc Bottle Depot and we will let you know it's value. If the container is not accepted according to ABCRC guidelines, we will still be happy to take it off your hands and put it in our recycle bin.

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